Oct 24, 2017 @ 15:19

Pinay na si Elizabeth Clenci ipinagmalaki ang sakit niya sa balat sa Miss Grand Int’l

Ginanap kagabi, October 23, sa Phu Quoc Island, ang preliminary competition ng 2017 Miss Grand International. Ang Vietnam ang host country at nakatakda naman bukas, October 25, ang grand coronation night.

Ang 26-year-old half-Filipina at half-Romanian na si Elizabeth Clenci na lumaki sa Australia ang official representative ng Pilipinas sa 2017 Miss Grand International.

Naniniwala ang supporters ni Clenci na mapapansin ito sa nilahukan na beauty pageant dahil bukod sa kanyang ganda at talino, baon niya ang isang hindi makakalimutan na karanasan na ibinagi sa mga contestant at organizer ng Miss Grand International.

“In recent years, out of nowhere, my body erupted in severe eczema. It was the most agonizing year and a half of my life, everything became painful.

“I invested thousands of dollars and precious time with multiple doctors and specialists who just vaguely addressed my case.

“One doctor even told me that this is how I would live the rest of my life. In my heart I knew this wasn’t true and there was a way.

“Having a background and interest in natural health, I was able to eventually completely heal myself. Taking the natural route meant that healing wasn’t going to happen overnight, and took a year of slow yet sure healing.

“My experience taught me patience and trust. I had to trust in my instincts knowing that I was making the right decision to lead to true healing.

“It also showed my determination to strive and push for my goals. I proved to all the non-believers who said I couldn’t … that I could, and I learned that above everything, believe in yourself and trust yourself. I now openly tell my story so that I can serve as an inspiration and guide to those who too are suffering and hope to someday,” ang pahayag ni Clenci.

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