Manager rumesbak sa mga nag-akusa na kinukwartahan niya ang mga fan ni Alden

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Aprub ni Alden Richards ang mensahe ni Carlites de Guzman na dating manager (o manager pa rin?), laban sa mga nag-aakusa na kesyo pinagkukukwartahan niya ang mga fan ni Alden.

Ni-like ni Alden ang mahabang open letter na pinost ni @itsmeeh_25, na pina-follow ni Alden.

Heto ang mensahe:

“All this time, I have kept my silence on all the allegations being thrown at me, trying to be the better person. Not everybody knows my story yet people were so cruel to judge. I still kept mum. I tried my best not to read, not to listen, not to watch the bad things. Lies are being spread about me for reasons I cannot comprehend. I maintained my grace under pressure.

“But now, these people are getting out of control. Evil people that have been maligning me, picturing me as the villain, as the devil. My patience is hanging by a thread and I am ready to face these people who hide behind dummies just to break me.

“Yes, I was not born in a rich family. Not rich but comfortable. I have worked my way up by hard work and determination with my family as my inspiration. Never did I use people to get to where I am now. It was fate brought by God that led me to discover and manage a talented young man but that business relationship turned into an unbreakable FRIENDship. It NEVER went beyond that, contrary to what these malicious creatures are trying to imply.

“As a manager, I always give in to fans’ requests, be it an Alden only FC or an ALDUB FC. It is my way of giving back to them, for always supporting him. It is my way of sharing with them a piece of him. We owe it to them that he got this far and it is only proper to spend some time with them.

“But mind you, I didn’t get a single centavo from the fans. I have been wondering why do these people blame everything on me? What have I done wrong. I never wished ill of anybody. I always tried my best to do good and be fair to all. I had always remained on the side lines. I avoided the limelight and I let the actor shine on his own.

“I never took credit for what he has achieved but still, rocks were thrown at me. I firmly believe that nobody, not even I, deserve anything like this. To each his own. Live and let live. I have reached my threshold and ‘I DARE ANYONE’ of those who malign me to bring out proof of their libelous claims about me. Stand up for what you think is true and I am ready to go on face to face and lay each other’s cards’.”

Base sa location ng post na ito ni @itsmeeh_25 ay nasa NBI Sta. Rosa Laguna siya nung mga oras na yon. Nangangahulugan kaya `yon na nagsampa na siya ng reklamo sa National Bureau of Investigation laban sa mga fan, o puwede ring sabihin na mga basher ni Alden?

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