Jan 27, 2021 @ 15:25

Ex-SC justice Mendoza: Cha-cha ‘wag ngayon

Ang banta ng COVID-19 pandemic at ang paghahanda ng publiko sa pagboto nang tama sa halalan 2022 ang dapat unang atupagin bago ang pagbago sa 1987 Constitution, ayon kay retiradong Supreme Court Associate Justice Vicente Mendoza.

“I do not believe this is the time for charter-change given that, number one: the threat of the pandemic and number two: the great challenge of securing in this country good government,” pahayag ni Mendoza sa Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Laws.

“These are two challenges that we have to confront before we can speak of any other change to the Constitution,” dagdag pa nito.

Sa Senado, maraming resolusyon ang inihain ng mga senador para amiyendahan ang economic provision ng Saligang Batas. Tinatalakay na rin ito sa Kamara de Representantes.

“The question here is really one of priority… Whether it is to liberalize what allegedly have been considered restrictive economic provisions… no more urgent need can prevail over two challenges that I would consider the greatest,” pahayag ni Mendoza.

“Aid for economic recovery can take place after this, but first we have to meet these two challenges,” saad pa nito.

Ayon pa dating mahistrado, magiging “complicated” aniya ang panukalang magsagawa ng ratipikasyon sa pag-amiyenda kasabay ng apgdaraaos ng halalan sa 2022.

“The education of the people, for wise voting and the preparation for clean, honest and credible elections that can spell good government in this country demand the patriotism of everyone and we need to summon all our will to bring the patriotic spirit back to the people,” sabi ni Mendoza

Maging si Senador Francis Pangilinan, chairman ng komite, ay kinuwestiyon ang panahon para talakayin ang Cha-cha.

“Yes, the 1987 Constitution is not perfect. While we recognize the wisdom of our eminent experts who drafted it in 1986, we should also realize that they were not prophets and were constrained by the realities at that time,” sabi ni Senador Francis Pangilinan, chairman ng komite, bago ang pagdinig.

“But many have raised this question, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is this the time to talk about Cha-cha? While we have the right intentions, could doing it now be the wrong time?” tanong nito.

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