DAILY RADAR: Jackie Lou Blanco in bikini, may asim pa rin

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The last time I wore a bikini was 20 years ago when I joined Great Bodies.My tummy was never flat.I was a chubby child.It still isn't and thats why I rarely wear one.Nacoconscious ako.3 years ago I had a problem losing weight.I didnt know what I was doing wrong or if I was doing anything right.Was so frustrating.Then I met @pauquiza and little by little the weight came off and I started getting more toned.I wasn't sure whether I was going to post this foto,But as I turn a year older today,I realized I am not at that frustrating place I was years ago and I am grateful and thankful.Still a long way to go but with the love and support of those I love,I know the journey will be worth it.So today I celebrate my struggles,my strenghts,my weaknesess and my victories.I celebrate all the women out there,All shapes and sizes.Know you are not alone in your struggles.I celebrate YOU! I celebrate Life!

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