Jan 3, 2018 @ 14:36

BB Gandanghari, naghirap sa Hollywood

Umaaringkingking na sa hirap sa Hollywood ang transgender actor na si BB Gandanghari. Mismong si Sharon Cuneta ay nagbigay na ng payo sa Instagram caption ng kapatid na ito nina Robin at Rommel Padilla sa pinagdaanan nitong buhay ng nakaraang taong 2017.

@reallysharoncuneta, “Te B, things can never stay the way we are for long. This too, shall pass. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right? In the end, if your plans don’t work out, there are plans B, C, D, and so on and so forth!”

Ito’y dahil sa pag-post ni BB ng open letter sa kanyang Instagram black & grey photo tungkol sa pinagdaanan niya sa Hollywood nitong 2017.

Sinabi ni BB ang pagsisikap niya sa pamumuhay sa Hollywood matupad lang ang pangarap niyang Hollywood career.

@gandangharibb, “2017 in RETROSPECT: An open letter… when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. What a year it had been. Exactly a year ago, I was definitely on cloud 9. I felt very legal and official. I just finished some courses from UCLA, feeling comfy with the new crib, simply excited to rebuild a life, a career… as I continue my this journey to womanhood.

“That I am giving myself 3mons to get signed up by a top AGENCY and doors would open wide and Hollywood would embrace me ‘oh so lovingly’ as my dream dictates. I was WRONG, of course, Agency huntingas I used to call it, proved to be very challenging. I started working on my profile/resume, reels and other stuff January 2017, but not until June was I finally ready to send it out to agencies.

“I needed to update my headshot, I was told. By this time, I was already out of schedule, as far as being represented, being a working actor that is, and OUT of BUDGET. There are bills and rent to pay no matter what.

“So, there I was, in the summer of 2017, doing everything that is humanly as possible to survive this called LIFE…of a woman susceptible to hate bec I am transgender. Tough times is an understatement as I find ways and means to be productive so as to not only support a mere existence in a foreign land but to support a dream, the so-called Hollywood dream.

“And boy, it’s no joke. And so on my 50th summertime, I must admit, I’ve never prayed harder. It is the scariest times, as I wrestle thru the challenges of pursuing this now seemingly overwhelming and elusive Hollywood dream of mine.

“As I try with all my might to overcome these limitations, I am in the realization that I gotta have my headshot soonest or go home or… BROKE. Talking about pressure with the capital P.”

Unang sumubok bilang androgynous model sa New York si BB at saka bumalik dito para subukan uli ang pag-aartista kung saan nakagawa siya ng isang pelikula, ang ‘Zsa Zsa Zaturna’ na pinagbidahan din ni Zsa Zsa Padilla at nakagawa rin ito ng ilang mga lead TV series, isa na rito ang ‘Two and a Half Men and a Baby’.

Enero ng nakaraang taon nang biglang magdesisyon si BB na mag-migrate na nang tuluyan sa Hollywood, Los Angeles, California para i-pursue ang pangarap niyang maging transgender actor. (Rey Pumaloy)

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