AlDub, bigong mapataob ng BTS sa Guinness World Records

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Nananatili pa rin ang #ALDUBEBTAMANGPANAHON ng tambalang Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza bilang “Most Used Hashtag on Twitter in 24 Hours” ng Guinness World Records.

Sa kabila ito ng kini-claim ng Korean group BTS fans na nakapasok na ang BTS sa Guinness at naka-break ng record.

Ayon sa pahayag sa Twitter ng Guinness (@GWR) nitong Mayo 18:

“BTS fans, after investigation we’re sorry to announce that the attempt at ‘Most used hashtag on @Twitter in 24 hours’ was not successful on this occasion. Inc. retweets and quote tweets, the total has been calculated at 21.9 million uses of #iVoteBTSBBMAs.”

Hindi nahigitan ng BTS ang nahamig na 40,706,392 ng #AlDubEBTamangPanahon mula October 24, 2015-October 25, 2015.

Nagdiwang naman ang AlDub fans at nag-party sa social media:

(@jenasis818): The record that we set was not made to break any records! It is simply PORDALAB!!! Congrats, Aldub! Congrats, Pinas!

(@magicheart21): #ALDUBisHOME deserves a million tweets doesn’t it? A call for the family to come home.

(@HeyyAndie): That whole break-the-tweet-record thing was quite a humbling experience ‘no? Also a reminder that even though we might lose our record, the heart of this nation will remain. And the most beautiful part of it?

(@jenasis818): We did It! We made history! One day, it will be challenged again. One day that record will be broken. But we are already in the books! Let’s all be proud! That we Filipinos all over the globe were united on Oct 24 2015 Pordalab of A & M!

(@sharon_mtpi): Not going to lie, happy that we still hold the record. But it’s going to be broken, sooner or later. And that will be okay, because I will forever be grateful for the friends I’ve found here and my heart is full. No one can take that away from me.

(@Adopted_Weasley): Aw, record’s still with us. No matter tho, I’ve made peace with it. A record is jst a record. The memories that came with it — unsurpassable. Though we lived to hold the record another day, in this digital age, another fandom/event can wipe it out. Make peace.

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