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Kathryn kay Daniel: I will always be grateful for you

Isinarado na ni Kathryn Bernardo ang chapter ng kanyang buhay na kasama si Daniel Padilla.

Sa kanyang Instagram post nitong November 30, kinumpirma ni Kathryn na hiwalay na sila ni Daniel.

Natapos daw ang kanilang relasyon na may respeto pa rin sila sa isa’t isa.

“Chapter closed. I hope this finally helps all of us move forward,” ani Kathryn.

Sinubukan pa raw nilang isalba ni Daniel ang kanilang 11 taong relasyon pero hindi na sila katulad ng dati.

“We’ve been drifting apart for a while now, and we ultimately had to accept that we can’t go back to where we used to be,” lahad ng aktres.

“It just won’t be fair to pretend that everything is still the same.

“These past few months have been tough, but thank you for giving us the time we need to process the pain and finally face the elephant in the room.”

Sa bandang dulo’y nag-iwan siya ng mensahe para kay Daniel.

“Deej, you gave me 11 beautiful years and the kind of love that I will forever cherish. I will always be grateful for you.”

Humingi rin siya ng pang-unawa sa kanilang mga fan.

“We know you are hurting, and trust me, this also hurts us both more than you can imagine. The last thing we want is for this family to break apart with everyone taking sides – please don’t. Deej and I will continue to support each other as we try to heal and move forward from this.

“We will continue to love you and make you proud, but we hope you understand that this is something we really need. We hope you can join us in this healing process and not let those precious memories go to waste. Kaya natin to.” (IS)


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